Saturday, October 13, 2007

Malaysianlah is here

Here I start my blog. Me, a 32 year old Sarawakian, single, chinese male. Having lived 32 years in Malaysia, after tasting the sweetness and the bitterness of life in Sarawak, I am about to embark to a country totally different from here. I am writing this blog to keep a diary on this new life which is about to begin. I am writing this blog to keep in touch with my family and friends.

I don't know why I chose the name Malaysianlah. I think when you are about to leave your country, suddenly you become so patriotic. Never mind about NEP, about UMNO, never mind about how unfairly you are treated as a non-bumiputera, when you are leaving the country for a period of time, that's when you become patriotic. Hence i chose the name malaysianlah. Deep in the heart, I am a Sarawakian first then Malaysian. I am proud of Sarawak, even though its rich resources are being squandered away by selected few who do not have any conscience or guilt living their filthy rich life at the expense of so many poor people...ok ok..this blog will not be about politic, but I really have to say those out..:P

I am a geologist, and i work for Shell. It has been 6 years since I worked with this huge pecten company and after lots of ups and downs, I finally got a chance to go for a posting to Assen, Holland, thanks to my current supervisors. Well, supervisors are a very funny breed. Sometimes you don't know if they like you or not, but they will make very surprising decisions at times, you just have to swim into the game they play.

Six years in Shell, in Miri...lots of things had happened that enriched my life. I got myself into a choir and orchestra, which I poured my late 20s energy into them. They are still surviving and I wish them well. I got involved in church, in and out of it few times. A disappointment which I had to swallow. A test from God if I can take in failure which I did. I pray to God the church will grow positively.

I made many good friends which I hope will last my lifetime. I will miss all the card (cho tai ti--you can actually wiki 'big two' to learn how to play) sessions, drinking and coffee sessions.

Along the way I also had few grudges which I am beginning to let go.

This blog is about the new life which I am about the experience, this is the beginning of the journey...........


"Shzu Wei" said...

Not bad for your first post. Keep it up, my friend. Best wishes for your new chapter of life.

Anonymous said...

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sunduvan said...

I noticed that your blog got PR 2/10. How did you do it with a blog which is just created,one short post and 2 comments? Needs your input on this. :-)